What are the Plutum services?

Plutum Core

Plutum Core is our main service that enables the transaction and creation of physical non-fungible tokens (PNFTs).

Plutum Core uses our applications, such as Osiris, for functionality. In addition, Plutum Core allows for anyone to create tokens that conform to our protocol and can be transacted through our technology.

Plutum Applications

Plutum Foundation also provides a series of four applications that enable both Plutum Core and PLTM in functionality.


Osiris is a full-fledged mobile wallet that will use built-in NFC functionality on phones and devices. It will not be available on devices that do not have a built-in NFC reader.

Osiris will also have the capability to be modified to be a smaller piece in a larger system. One example could be distribution platforms authorizing devices to read and transaction certain PNFTs as they make their way through the supply chain.

Finally, Osiris will also have a wallet for PLTM that will allow voting on proposals and vote delegating from within the app.

Osiris Web

Osiris Web will be a web wallet with NFC functionality through an external reader to transact PNFTs.

Osiris Web will also hold PLTM and have full liquid democractic functionality from within the app, and will work in conjuction with Athena.


Asterion is an institution and business focused fork of Osiris that will make it easier for businesses and shops to adopt PNFTs through minor enhancements.

We chose to fork Asterion from Aurum for businesses as we wished to maintain Orisis's lightweight nature, and if we offered many of the features that we will offer in Asterion, Osiris would no longer be a lightweight wallet.


Athena is the home for PLTM that enables liquid democracy. It contains multiple parts - first, the token contract (PLTM), in addition to Athena Portal, which allows interaction through the token contract.

Plutum Peripheral

Periphal services and applications will be developed by Plutum over time as more features are launched and functionality of PNFTs increases.

Should these services or applications become core to Plutum, they will be moved to Plutum Core and enjoy the increased support that Plutum Core applications are given.

A note on open source

Plutum will make all of our services and applications open source, and anyone will be allowed to fork our code and develop their own applications off of our code.

In addition, we will provide a set of tools and framework for anyone to code a PNFT and PLTM wallet from the ground up.

This will allow companies and organisation to build their own wallets to be customised to their needs, as opposed to having to use the wallet we develop.

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