Mercury Fund

What exactly is Mercury?

Mercury is what we call our "governance fund". There are certain allocations of funds (stored in PLTM and various other assets) that are open to governance input. One example of these funds are the Plutum Foundation funds. However, while input is taken through governance, Foundation funds are spent at the discretion of the Foundation.

On the other hand, the Mercury Fund has no oversight body beyond the governance protocols built into PLTM. Spending is solely at the discretion of PLTM token holders. The intention of Mercury is to hold funds "in trust" for all token holders, and to be used for investment into the Plutum ecosystem.

Are Mercury funds accessible to PLTM token holders?

While Mercury funds are held "in trust" for each token holder, these funds cannot be withdrawn. Mercury may pay a percentage of relative gains back to token holders in proportion to stake on the day of those relative gains occurring.

How do I propose a Mercury investment?

Check Athena Portal. A Mercury Fund proposal follows the same format as all other proposals, and is specified as a Mercury proposal in the selection of proposal type.

How do I view the progress of Mercury?

The Mercury Dashboard is available on the Athena Portal, where it displays all active investements and proposals. Navigate to the Athena Portal, then select "Mercury" among the options on the left navigational bar.

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