What is Plutum?

Please note, most of the information on this sheet is also found on the quick glance sheet (available on our GitHub).

Our goals

Our goal is to bridge the "final gap" between the physical world and the digital world through the use of blockchain technology and NFC chips.

We plan to revolutionise the way we interact with our buyers, sellers, makers, and owner every day by providing a more trustworthy, transparent, and secure system for transactions.

What is PLTM and how is it different from Plutum?

PLTM is an ERC-20 governance token that uses liquid democracy to allow token holders to vote on decisions that will determine the future of Plutum. Plutum itself is a protocol, whereas PLTM is the governance token that governs Plutum Protocol.

Who can use Plutum?

Anyone will be able to use Plutum with our open-source wallet. We will offer two wallets we will develop, each with different use cases - Plutum Aurum and Plutum Osiris. In addition, we will provide developers who wish to develop on Plutum with the tools necessary to develop a wallet independently, allowing anyone to develop their own wallet without having to pay for licensing/other fees.

What are some use cases for Plutum?

Plutum has a use case in every transaction that occurs with a value greater than the NFC chip itself. See some examples:




Sneakers can be uniquely identified to trace buyers and sellers in the past, and tagged by authenticators, enabling the buyer to guarantee authenticity.

Farms and producers can tag groceries so that consumers can independently verify where their groceries came from, making smarter, more informed purchases.

Plutum enables a single copy of a contract to be stored on blockchain, verifying that copy and preventing theft and forgery of signatures so that all parties are guaranteed honesty.

Where is Plutum going?

In the future, we have some key goals we wish to achieve, and a timeline that can be viewed on our GitHub and our website. To summarise, some of the most important goals are listed below:

  • PLTM token launch with full liquid democracy functionality

  • Mainnet launch of Plutum services

  • Launch of Plutum Osiris and Plutum Aurum

  • Development of a native Plutum chain or L2 solution for another blockchain (likely Ethereum), in addition to a multi-chain bridge allowing for PNFTs to be transacted between various chains

How will NFTs be minted using Plutum?

See this diagram:

How will NFTs be transacted using Plutum?

See this diagram:

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